Common Oral Surgery Procedures

There are many different reasons that a person would seek out a dentist for oral surgery. Between oral issues and injuries, the expertise that an oral surgeon has can help restore your oral health and alleviate discomfort. Below are a few common procedures that require oral surgery to be able to completely remove the pain or discomfort that a patient is feeling.

Oral Surgery to Remove Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are often painful, and leave the sufferer at risk of developing an infection or a cyst that could harm your jawbone. They happen when a tooth that is trying to come in, fails to emerge fully from the gum line. These types of teeth require oral surgery to open up the gums and pull the tooth out before it causes damage to the jaw and adjacent gum tissue. Without the benefit of oral surgery, a person could put themselves at risk for damage that the gums and jaw may not be able to heal from.

Oral Surgery to Recover After Tooth Loss

If you have ever lost a tooth due to injury or decay, you may have been trying to figure out how to replace that tooth. One of the most popular options is getting a tooth implant. The implant will require oral surgery to place the post that the implant is placed on. During your oral surgery, your oral surgeon will screw a titanium screw into your jawbone to ensure that the base of the dental implant is very strong. You will then need to allow the post to heal, and once healed, you will get the implant placed upon the top of the screw. This procedure is ideal for replacing a single missing tooth, or for an entire mouthful of missing teeth, but could not happen without oral surgery.

Oral Surgery for Issues With Your Jaw

Between problems like a jaw that isn’t growing equally on both sides and TMJ, oral surgery is often considered the only realistic option. Jaws that don’t equally grow can cause issues with your teeth lining up properly, which can impact your ability to eat, chew, talk, and even breathe. This typically requires oral surgery to correct so that you can avoid the negative impact that this type of disorder can have on your life. TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, issues often require oral surgery, since the joint is inside the body, and there is no way to access the joint without surgery. If you have been suffering from a locking jaw or clicking in the jaw, you may need oral surgery to alleviate the pain associated with this.

Oral Surgery for Other Mouth-Related Issues

Dentists often recommend oral surgery if your jaw starts to deteriorate to where you are no longer able to comfortably fit into your dentures. You may also need oral surgery if you experience some type of mouth or jaw-related injury. Depending on what type of injury you faced, the only way to realign the teeth, jaw, or surrounding bones, could be through oral surgery. There are times where oral surgery could also be a life-saving option. Consider a tumor or cyst that is impacting your ability to function, or cancer within the mouth, throat, or jaw. In this case, oral surgery would be required to remove the problematic tissue and get you back on the road to health.

One of the lessor known reasons for oral surgery is for a cleft palate or lip situation. This is when the palate of the mouth does not completely come together during formation in utero, and oral surgery is required to put these portions of the mouth back together. You could also turn to oral surgery for any type of infection within your facial tissue. You do not want to risk the dangers you could face if the infection were to go untreated, so you may have to undergo oral surgery to be able to return to a healthy status. Some people also undergo oral surgery for sleep and breathing disorders. One of the more common treatments for sleep apnea includes having oral surgery to stop the jaw from sliding backwards while a person sleeps, effectively opening their throat and allowing them to breathe better.

If you need oral surgery and want to find out more about which procedure is best for you, contact Progressive Dental Care Center today and let us talk you through the procedure.

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