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What Are Some CPAP Alternatives—Part Two

Over the year, more medical advancements have come to the forefront, allowing sufferers to have more CPAP alternatives to choose from. Some of these lessor known alternatives include acupuncture and appliances that are made for the nose of the person suffering from sleep apnea. These advancements are

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What Are Some CPAP Alternatives?

When it comes to CPAP alternatives, there are some traditional methods of helping a person breathe better that are being improved upon every day. Some of these alternatives include oral devices, different machines, and different sleeping positions. The more that each of these alternatives are improved, the

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Common Treatments for Sleep Apnea

There are numerous different treatments available for sleep apnea. They can range from exercise to machines to help you breathe at night, and there are many different options in between. If you have recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea, the best thing you can do is to

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How is TMJ Treated?

TMJ is temporomandibular joint syndrome and is a disorder that impacts the muscles and nerves of the jaw.  When the joint that connects the jaw to the skull is injured it can lead to pain and popping of the jaw during chewing.  TMJ can also cause swelling,

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Offering comprehensive orthodontic care to Hanover, York and Adams county. Before we make recommendations, we believe it is important to schedule a 30-minute thorough examination and consultation, so we can discuss the potential treatment options only after we have insight into your orthodontic needs. Six Month Smiles®

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Pediatric Dental Care

pediatric dentist hanover pa dentistry

Our pediatric specialist, Dr. Blann, loves children. And the kids know it! Dr. Blann provides exceptional pediatric dental services and not only treats our young patients with excellent clinical results, but most importantly, teaches them how to become lifetime dental patients. Want more information about Pediatric Dentistry? First Visit

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Adult Restorative Dentistry

From chipped or missing teeth to discoloration, Dr. Gordon offers the latest techniques to correct your cosmetic problems. Dr. Gordon can provide you with veneers, Zoom! Whitening, crowns, bridges, bonding, implants and more in order for you to have a great smile.

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