Do I Need to Treat Mild Sleep Apnea?

If you were recently diagnosed with a mild case of sleep apnea, you may be wondering what the next step is. Well, first, take a deep breath. Mild is good in this particular case. While it is still something you must monitor to make sure it does not get worse, most of the time, mild apnea does not require much, if any, treatment.

What to Do When Diagnosed with Mild Sleep Apnea

There are a few things that everyone facing sleep apnea should do just to lower the risk of it getting worse. These things can include losing weight, teaching yourself to sleep on a different part of your body other than your back, and keeping in close touch with your doctor. Upon any symptoms getting worse, make sure you get in right away. However, for most people, the bigger treatments, such as oral devices or CPAP machines, just do not have an impact on mild sleep apnea symptoms.

What to Do If Your Sleep Apnea Gets Worse

If you start to notice that your sleep apnea is getting worse, you need to go in and see your doctor. If you notice that you are more tired than normal, wake up with a sore throat nearly daily, have headaches or get headaches easily for no other reason, you wake from a sound sleep regularly trying to catch your breath, or any of the signs that brought you to your doctor originally, make sure that you go in and get checked to see if your case of sleep apnea is still mild. Once your case goes from mild to moderate or severe, the necessity of treatment goes up exponentially.

When your body struggles to breath, it can take a toll on every system within your body very quickly. You can go from being a productive employee or caring parent to a person that is so tired, they struggle to function. Don’t take a sleep apnea diagnosis lightly. Make sure to follow the recommendations of your doctor and keep your appointments with your doctor to make sure you are managing the symptoms to the best of your ability.

If you are dealing with a diagnosis of sleep apnea, contact Progressive Dental Care Center and see what options you have.

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