Implant Tooth Replacements

Tooth replacements are important when it comes to maintaining your smile and jaw bone.  If you lose a tooth for any reason but do not get any tooth replacements, then your remaining teeth will shift out of alignment and your jawbone in the area of the missing tooth can deteriorate causing even more problems.

Dental Implants as Tooth Replacements

Dental implants are the best option as tooth replacements because they fill the space of the missing tooth as well as the tooth root.  The stimulation of the jaw bone from the tooth replacements helps to greatly slow down any possible bone deterioration.

There are two kinds of dental implants for tooth replacements.  You and your dental care provider can work together to determine which option is going to work best for your specific case.  The first type of dental implant is inserted directly into the jawbone and called an endosteal implant.  These are the most common types of dental implants used for tooth replacements.  Each implant can hold one or more tooth replacements and is a great option for people missing one tooth or multiple teeth.

The other kind of implant is for people who have minimal jaw bone height.  They sit on top of the jaw bone and are called subperiosteal implants.  These types of implants are much less common and are typically for people who need tooth replacements but are unable to wear traditional dentures.

What to Expect With Dental Implant Tooth Replacements

Depending on how many tooth replacements you need, your experience with dental implants may vary.  To replace a single tooth, a single implant and crown will suffice.  However, if you are missing several teeth, your dental care provider may suggest doing an implant supported bridge.  If you are replacing all of your teeth then a full bridge or full denture supported by implants might be the best for you.

Your dental care provider will walk you through the procedure and advise you of the expected healing time for your specific tooth replacement case. It is important to carefully follow the aftercare instructions to ensure that your implants do not get infected and heal properly.

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