Other Sedation Options Besides IV Sedation

IV sedation is only one method that people can turn to with sedation dentistry. There are other options that can be considered.

  • Oral Sedation – Medications that come in pill forms may be easier to administer and can have some of the same effects of IV sedation. While they can work, they often require a longer period of time to take effect in a patient and they may not last as long. In general, the oral sedation medications are not as reliable as IV sedation.
  • Inhalation Sedation – Most people are familiar with the use of laughing gas in the dentist office. Nitrous Oxide is used to help patients relax before a procedure. The effects of the drug are not very long lasting. The nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen and regulated throughout the entire procedure. The benefit of this is that a person can drive themselves home after the procedure. It does not produce a very relaxed state for many people. It is often used in combination with IV sedation to allow the patient to receive the IV.
  • IM Sedation – In this method the drugs are administered through a single shot into the muscle. It is a method that is mostly used with younger children. The effect of the drug is only for about 20 to 30 minutes and does not produce a constant state of relaxation that IV sedation can produce.

There Is More to Sedation Dentistry Than Just IV Sedation

The use of any type of sedation dentistry can be a good way to get people that have a fear of the dentist into the office, but it only takes effect when the sedative is introduced into the body. Before a person can undergo IV sedation, they have to do many other things. It is important that a dentist that is going to practice IV sedation is also able to add other things that make the whole experience that much more positive for the patient.

It starts with making the appointment. This will be the first time a patient has any type of contact with the dentist office. The people making the appointment s need to have the training to treat people in a manner that allows them to be calm and focused on what needs to be done. Many times a person will be in pain when contacting the dentist. The person making the appointment has to know how to deal with people that are afraid or unsure of what they want to do. They may realize they have to see the dentist, but they will still have a difficult time committing to the procedure by making an appointment. When a sedation dentist’s office is able to calm a person down enough to make the appointment, they have taken the first step.

Once the appointment is made, the dentist‘s office should be considered. In order to relax, a patient needs to feel comfortable from the moment they step into the office. This can be done through the décor and the people in the office. A calming office with appropriate music and friendly people will go a long way to relaxing a person.

Many people will also want to see the office and meet the dentist before they have any work done. A good sedation dentist will take the time to meet with a patient, explain everything they will do and answer any question. The dentist must realize that information may be the best relaxation tool they have for patients.

The waiting room is the first place that a person experiences, but the actual exam room is just as important. Again the decorations of the exam room and the people that will be in the actual exam room have to present a calming influence for the patient.

Once a person has come into an office that is calming, been surrounded by people who know how to help them relax, and goes into exam room where the feeling of calm continues, the use of IV sedation is the final tool they need to have the dental procedures that are required.

IV sedation is not something that is needed for everyone. There are many people that are perfectly fine going to the dentist for a cleaning twice a year and for a checkup once a year. There are also plenty of people that care about their dental health, but are simply not able to go to the dentist in the way they need to. The practice of IV sedation is becoming much more common. It can be used on simple procedures and on more complicated procedures. Not all dentists are trained in this type of dentistry. If a person thinks this IV sedation is the right route for them, they need to find a good dentist that has the experience, the ability and the demeanor to help them have a relaxing trip to the dentist. It may not be a day at the spa, but that is okay. It is probably a little more important.

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