Senior Care

104651788Seniors are at risk for a number of oral health issues, such as:

Teeth Darkening
The bone-like tissue that lies under the tooth enamel is called dentin. Dentin, over time, changes due to foods and beverages that cause stains. Coupled with the outer layer of enamel thinning, this results in darker yellow “dentin,” which shows through the enamel and makes teeth look much more yellow. For most seniors, this can be corrected with either teeth whitening or overlays.

Dry mouth
Caused by a reduction in saliva flow, dry mouth is very common in seniors. There are many causes to dry mouth, including medicines, cancer treatments that use radiation, along with many diseases.

Gum disease
Gum disease is caused by plaque and food particles left in teeth, along with other things such as tobacco use, poor-fitting dentures or bridges and even poor diet. There are also a number of diseases that can contribute to gum disease, such as anemia, cancer, and diabetes.

Denture-induced stomatitis
Ill-fitting dentures, poor dental hygiene, or a buildup of the fungus Candida albicans cause this condition, which is inflammation of the tissue underlying a denture.

Age is not the only factor in your oral health care. However, upon aging, many other conditions contribute to poor dental habits, including arthritis, which makes it difficult to brush or floss.

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