The Dental Implant Procedure

When it comes to getting dental implants, you need to make sure that you discuss the entire procedure with your dentist. He or she should speak with you about each step of the procedure before they do anything else, so that you have a full understanding of what to expect. There will be some discomfort and it will take time to recover, which should be expected, but you can get a full mouth full of teeth done in a very short period of time, allowing you to speak and eat normally once more. Dental implants are a great alternative to dentures for people with a jaw strong enough to hold them in place.

The Dental implant Procedure

Some dentists perform dental implants in a single day, while others spread the procedure out over time, to allow for the body to recover in between. Your dentist will tell you how he or she prefers to do the procedure. The first step once the teeth have been removed and the gums have healed up is to place the posts where the new teeth will go. They will go in different places depending on how many teeth you are having replaced through this procedure. Some dentists will only put in four to six posts for a full mouth restoration, so you need to make sure you ask about this before you begin.

Recovery From Dental Implants

Once the procedure is completed, you may experience a little bit of soreness, bruising, bleeding or swelling in your jaw or in your face in general. This will go away within a matter of days. The most important step now is to follow your dentist’s advice carefully about how to care for your mouth. If you skip the steps he tells you, you could let bacteria into the procedure site, and that could compromise the future of your dental implants. Maintain solid hygiene during the recovery process to allow for proper healing, and you could be looking at many decades of a healthy, beautiful smile.

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