What Are Some CPAP Alternatives—Part Two

Over the year, more medical advancements have come to the forefront, allowing sufferers to have more CPAP alternatives to choose from. Some of these lessor known alternatives include acupuncture and appliances that are made for the nose of the person suffering from sleep apnea. These advancements are giving people that have lived with the symptoms of sleep apnea for years, a new lease on life. Patients are finding better results with these CPAP alternatives, than their more invasive counterparts, such as the CPAP and BiPAP machines.

Provent CPAP Alternatives

The Provent device is a device that is specially designed to fit inside the nostrils of a sleep apnea sufferer. The valves of the Provent open when the person wearing it inhales, leaving the airway wide open to get oxygen quickly and easily into the body. Then, when the person exhales, the valves close and force the air through a smaller vent, keeping the right amount of pressure in the airway behind the vent to keep it open. This keeps the airways from closing, making it one of the least invasive CPAP alternatives on the market.

Acupuncture CPAP Alternatives

Another one of the newest types of CPAP alternatives available in some parts of the world is acupuncture. This is when a series of needles is used to help keep the body’s inflammation down, which is why this procedure is thought to be an effective way to battle some forms of sleep apnea. This is only considered an option for those with mild to moderate sleep apnea, and may not be an option as a stand-alone form of treatment, but it has shown some effectiveness when studied as a complementary treatment.

If you have been suffering from the effects of sleep apnea, you may want to consider using one of these CPAP alternatives and see if you get some relief. Each new advancement is giving sufferers hope, and these may the perfect alternatives to finally break through your sleep apnea and give you a solid nights sleep.

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