What Are Some CPAP Alternatives?

When it comes to CPAP alternatives, there are some traditional methods of helping a person breathe better that are being improved upon every day. Some of these alternatives include oral devices, different machines, and different sleeping positions. The more that each of these alternatives are improved, the better each person with difficulty breathing when asleep will fare.

Oral CPAP Alternatives

There are numerous oral devices on the market that can be used as CPAP alternatives. They move the jaw or the tongue into a different position, allowing for the air passages to be open further. The more that the airways are open, the better the sleeper is able to breathe. Each device is slightly different, but they each have the same basic point of getting the person’s airway properly aligned. Some devices stick out of the mouth and suction to the tongue, while others fit around the teeth and change the overall position of the jaw.

Mechanical CPAP Alternatives

When people with sleep apnea need a device to keep their airways pressurized during sleep, most people turn to CPAP machines. These machines keep pressure in the airways to help them stay open, avoiding the disruption in breathing that often accompanies sleep apnea. When these machines do not fit the bill, there are also two other CPAP alternatives. The first is a Bi-PAP machine, which allows for two separate levels of pressure to be used to keep the airways open. The other is the VPAP, which gives users the opportunity to have variable pressure, helping during unplanned breathing issues.

Positional CPAP Alternatives

One of the first CPAP alternatives most doctors try first is changing position when a person sleeps. This involves something being placed behind the sleeper’s back to keep them from lying on their back during sleep. This position helps many people suffering from sleep apnea reduce the instances of breathing problems. People commonly placed a tennis ball behind the person’s back for many years, but thanks to improvements over recent years, sufferers now have the opportunity to use items such as body pillows and specially designed cushions to help.

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