What Are the Advantages of Facelift Dentures?

Facelift dentures offer numerous benefits to an aging face and smile. On top of looking years younger each time you smile, the fine lines and wrinkles of your face will also fade because of the way that these dentures are created to work. Instead of using standard dentures that sit against your gums and move around as you use your mouth, why not use dentures that are specifically designed to work with your mouth as it moves? That’s precisely what facelift dentures can offer you.

The Basics of Facelift Dentures

Facelift dentures are created with the movement of your jaw, mouth muscles, cheeks, and nerves in mind. Standard dentures are hard, can hurt to wear, and can move around as you naturally move your mouth. Facelift dentures, on the other hand, stay in place more securely, giving you the natural appearance you had before you lost your natural teeth. They are designed to help rejuvenate your face by keeping to the natural proportion of face, just as you had before. The shape of your face is included in the design of facelift dentures, whereas most standard dentures are little more than a guess at what should fit into your mouth.

The Advantages Facelift Dentures Can Offer

When it comes to looking years younger, most people would not consider your teeth. Most would think about wrinkles, sagging skin, and graying hair. However, facelift dentures can offer you a brighter, whiter smile, fuller facial appearance, and the confidence to hold your head up high. They are specifically designed to fill out your face much as your natural teeth once did, removing the sunken appearance that most people get when they wear dentures. They help to reduce the bone loss that most dentures do nothing to prevent, and they even reduce the jowl effect that people get in their jaw and neck as they age.

If standard dentures, or natural tooth loss, are creating an older appearance on you, then contact Progressive Dental Care Center today, and let us help get you the facelift dentures and look that you have been craving.

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