What Is Sedation Dentistry?

For anyone afraid of going to the dentist, the advancements in sedation dentistry are a lifesaver. Sedation dentistry allows you to be put into a calmer state while your dental procedures are completed, leaving you blissfully unaware of the pain sensations or anxiety you would normally experience. This type of procedure is not a necessity for many, but for anyone whose heart rate jumps at the sound of the suction tube, it’s the only way to get your teeth taken care of.

The Two Main Types of Sedation Dentistry

There are two main types of sedation dentistry, and those are with the use of oral and IV sedatives. Oral sedation is through a pill that helps take the edge off, dulling pain receptors and severely decreasing the anxiety that some patients feel. You tend to feel as though you are merely aware of what is going on, but you are not afraid of the noises or commotion going on around you. With IV sedation, the sedatives are placed in an IV that is already in your hand or in your arm. This can leave you distanced from the situation, or totally asleep, depending on the procedure and the dose. This is the best route for those with an extreme phobia when it comes to dentists.

Benefits of Modern Sedation Dentistry

Not too awfully long ago, if you said sedation dentistry, most people thought it was the same type of anesthesia as when you had surgery. Most people thought you would be completely passed out, and potentially unable to be woken up after the procedure was over. However, that is not the case by today’s standards. You are left awake during sedation dentistry, even if you have very little recollection of the events as a whole. You will likely have an altered perception of time, often believing you were only sedated for a few minutes, when in fact, you may have been in the chair for hours on end. The other main benefit that it offers is the ability for even those fearful of the dentist to be able to go in and get the dental care they need to remain healthy.

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