What To Do About Missing Teeth part 1

There are many reasons one could be missing teeth, and there are just as many things that someone can choose to do about those gaps. Some people do not mind having a missing tooth, but the effects that those gaps can have can wreak havoc on a person’s mouth. If you are faced with a few teeth missing, here are some of the options you have about dealing with that gap.

Choose to Do Nothing About Your Missing Teeth

One option when facing missing teeth is to do nothing about it. This is obviously the easiest route to take, albeit not the best. Where the tooth is missing, it can cause shifts in the adjacent teeth, and can even make biting or chewing on that side painful. Another problem with this choice is that the bone behind where the tooth is gone will start to decrease in density. Think of it in terms of aging. We are consistently told to keep our bone density solid through repeated use and exercise, well, the more you use that tooth’s area, the stronger the bone density stays.

Consider a Bridge to Cover Your Missing Teeth

A bridge is a simple way of covering the gap from your missing tooth. This helps your jaw be able to distribute biting and chewing pressure evenly, and keeps the area used so the bone density should not slip as much, if at all. There are problems with bridges, however. Consider the fact that the teeth that surround the gap must be ground down to hold the bridge. This means that if the bridge or the tooth becomes compromised, all of the teeth could be in danger. In order to fix the issues with one tooth, the bridge must be removed, which has the potential to cause breakage or other problems to the teeth involved.

Missing teeth may become a part of life for most people, but there are solutions. If you are looking for help covering up gaps left from a tooth that has been removed, then call Progressive Dental Care Center today and let us help you figure out what method of correction is best for you.

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