What to Do About Missing Teeth part 2

One of the most common options currently for dealing with missing teeth, is getting dental implants. This is where a post is placed in the jaw and a fake tooth is placed on top of the post after it has healed. Some people believe that this is the best option for people with missing teeth, but others are a bit more skeptical. Here is a look at how dental implants can help if you have a missing tooth to try and correct.

What a Dental Implant Can Do to Help With Missing Teeth

When you have a tooth missing from your mouth, your jaw can deteriorate where that tooth should have been, and your teeth can shift. This can make biting, chewing, and even talking painful, as just the contact between the shifting teeth can cause radiating pain throughout the jaw. When a dental implant is used to cover missing teeth, the dentist will put a post into your jaw, that is typically made of titanium. Once the jaw and metal bond together, the post will be strong enough to support a false tooth in much the same way that standard teeth are used. You can chew, talk, and go about your normal routines just like you would with a mouthful of your own teeth.

The Problems With Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

One of the problems that most dentists are unsure of how to handle is the combination of metal and bacteria in your mouth. Since the mouth has such a wide diversity of exposure to germs and bacteria, the metal can cause toxicity when combined with some of that bacteria. This could potentially make a person quite ill if the metal is not properly covered during the dental implant procedure. Having a dentist that specializes in this procedure can help remove this risk and leave you with a beautiful smile that feels and looks natural. The other main problem with dental implants being used to cover missing teeth is the fact that they cost so much. However, if you have the funds, this can be a helpful and viable option to help you keep the comfort of having a full mouth of natural teeth.

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