What To Do About Missing Teeth part 3

One solid option when it comes to covering gaps left from missing teeth is using a composite bridge. This gives people who have a missing tooth or two the ability to have a flat surface to chew on, without the time and expense of dental implants. There are numerous benefits to using a composite bridge to cover up missing teeth, such as time, expense, tooth benefits, and the ability of the body to remain less at risk than other alternatives. If you have missing teeth you are trying to cover up, this may be the perfect solution for your situation.

How Composite Bridges Can Help with Missing Teeth

Composite bridges do not have any metal in them, which makes them a safer alternative to a dental implant for some people. The bridge will still give your jaw the pressure of chewing and biting, keeping the bone density high. They are also bonded to nearby teeth, helping them stay stable. Cosmetically, composite bridges look much like regular teeth because they are made from the same material that natural-looking fillings are made of.

The Downsides of Composite Bridges for Missing Teeth

One of the biggest downsides of using composite bridges for missing teeth is that they are difficult to clean around. This can make it to where the surrounding teeth suffer due to stuff getting caught under the bridge and causing cavities or decay. Regular visits to your dentist for cleaning will definitely help with this, as well good dental hygiene, but this may not cover every aspect of a bonded composite bridge. Another downside is the fact that composite bridges, while cosmetically strong enough to look great where missing teeth left gaps, they are not strong enough to last for as long as some of the other options people have. Since the material is the same thing that fillings are made out of, they will break down over time and become weak. This can cause more problems with your missing teeth down the line, so should be considered before getting the bridge work done.

If you think a composite bridge is the best way to cover your missing teeth, then call Progressive Dental Care Center now and schedule an appointment to see a specialist.

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