What To Do About Missing Teeth part 4

One of the lessor known covers for missing teeth is removable bridges. These appliances cover the gap left by missing teeth easily, but are able to be removed for cleaning and repairing purposes. They go by many different names, such as Nesbit, removable partials, and flippers, but in essence, they are all quite similar. The point is to have a false tooth where a gap from a missing tooth currently is. This is both aesthetically pleasing, and it is good for your jaw. The more you use the jaw where the tooth once was, the better the bone density behind that gap will stay. If that gap loses bone density, it can cause harm to the surrounding teeth as well, leaving them weaker and more prone to problems.

Removable Bridges Cover Missing Teeth

Removable bridges are easy to put in and take out when necessary, which makes them a quick and easy cover for missing teeth. Because the tooth is created to fit perfectly in the spaces left by missing teeth, you can rest assured that with regular use, your other teeth will not shift into the place where your tooth once was. This will help keep your ability to chew, bite, and talk in tact without pain or tenderness.

The Problems of Removable Bridges

One of the biggest issues that people comment about who have had removable bridges is its ability to get fitted at the beginning. They can be uncomfortable if not fitted into the gaps from missing teeth properly, and can even cause irritation that may cause a person to not wear the appliance as often as it should be worn. With most people turning to dental implants to cover the gaps left by missing teeth, finding a dentist with the experience in these devices may also be a slight problem. If you are sure this is the appliance that is best for your situation, keep trying. There are dentists out there who have the knowledge and skill you need, and who can make the perfect appliance for you.

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