What You Should Know About Dental Implants

While dental implants are a great option for some people who have lost one or several teeth, they are not ideal for everyone. There are some very important things you should know before considering getting any implants. You will need to know if you are a candidate, and if you are, if you have the right bone density to be able to make the implants a lasting part of your smile. If you are not familiar with dental implants, then these are some important things you should know.

Only Some People Can Get Dental Implants

In order to be a good candidate for implants, you need to have a healthy mouth that does not have any type of periodontal disease in it. If you had periodontal disease, and that is the reason you lost your tooth or teeth, this needs to be cured prior to the dental implants being able to be placed since the implants sit on the gums once they are in. You also need to have sufficient bone density for the implants to be able to hold. If you do not have the right amount of bone left, one of the bone replacement procedures will need to take place before implants would be a viable option.

Dental Implants Can Cover Any Number of Teeth

No matter how many teeth you are missing, so long as you have a healthy mouth and enough bone to hold the implant’s post, dental implants can help. You can have a single post for one or two teeth, or you can have multiple posts put in to hold a bridge or an entire denture of dental implants. There are two types of procedures you can have when it comes to implants, subperiosteal, which is implants placed on the person’s jaw bone, or endosteal, which is implants placed in the person’s jaw bone. Which type of procedure you have done depends on the location of the post, the bone density, and the amount of pressure that post will have to endure (single tooth versus full denture).

If you are considering getting dental implants, call Progressive Dental Care Center today and see how we can help guide you to the best options for your mouth.

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